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Exterior of Building

We are located at the intersection of 10th Avenue N and Second Street N.

We are across the street from Daniel Funeral Home as well as the United States Post Office.

We offer free parking in our parking lot. 

Shared Hallway

We share a hallway and restrooms with other businesses in the building. Please be mindful in this space so as not to disturb the neighbors.
We do offer an elevator for those with limited mobility.

Waiting Room

The waiting room is supplied with magazines and fidets (please use hand santizer first) and a wonderfully comfy couch.
If you are in need of water upon arrival please ask. 

Interior Hallway and Refreshment Nook

I share my office space with my husband who "works from home." He worked in Mental Health for 20+ years. 
Additionally, I contract with Project Pathfinder, Inc to factilitate Sex Offender Treatment and one office is taken by my cofacilitator. 
We offer Coffee and select tea. Please notify me if you'd like to have some.

My Office

Little but mighty. My office is small but I believe this adds to a sense of connection with my clients.

Group Room

This group room is utilized by Project Pathfinder, Inc for Sex Offender treatment. However, there are times I utilize this room during therapy when more room is needed.

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