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Heather Mach MA LPCC

Criminal justice and mental health

I have a passion for how mental health contributes to incarceration. Due to personal experience, I understand the intersectionality of mental health and involvement with the criminal justice system. By preventing vulnerable people from entering the criminal justice system in the first place, and helping people adjust to reentering the community from prison, I can give my clients the best possible chance at building and maintaining a healthy life.

Lasting, positive change

Many clients who’ve experienced long term depression or anxiety believe that they won’t ever get better. Some clients have had terrible experiences with therapists that did more harm than good and then believe that every therapist will be the same.

I am highly effective at supporting, assisting, and encouraging my clients to do the work necessary to make amazing positive changes in their lives. Through working with community partners I am able to help hold clients accountable which leads to positive changes in their lives. 

A calmer, less chaotic life

I help my clients gain a deeper understanding of the role the trauma plays in what they experience in their day to day interactions. They learn how to cope with the experiences they have whether they are experiencing flashbacks or anxiety. I help them learn how to communicate and resolve conflict better so they can remain calm during conflict rather than escalating to anger. 

As of 9/15/2023 I am only accepting referrals from community partners such as probation or parole officers or the courts. Please contact me with any questions you have.

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