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The Purpose of Therapy is to

Set People Free

Specializing in Treating Men

Trauma and
Men's Issues
Incarceration Prevention/Transition

Effective treatment for anxiety and depression that supports, challenges, and empowers my clients at creating meaningful and impactful change in their lives.

Therapy for men who have experienced trauma in their lives. I specialize in helping men recover from intimate partner violence, sexual abuse, physical assault, and other traumas.

I help men of all ages and backgrounds who are trying to avoid going to prison due to mental health or are being released from prison and need support for their transition to the community. 

About Me

I offer therapy to those who have experienced trauma in their lives. 


While working as a therapist in the state prison system I was frustrated by the administration, the atmosphere, the way the inmates were treated and the lack of access to many mental health services.

I felt like I could be of more benefit to people in the community who were trying to avoid prison or who were being released and trying to adhere to community supervision (previously called parole). 

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